Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper Relationship Still Going Strong Amid Rumors of Breakup, And More!

While wedding bells may still be far from both of their minds since they both have surging careers to attend to at this point in time, it seems that Irina and Bradley are planning on moving in together in New York City sometime soon.

The public was made privy to the couple’s plan of moving in together when reports started coming out that Bradley and Irina are reportedly looking to buy a new pad together in New York.

It may not yet be a case of the two of them deciding to live together as the two celebrities may be just planning to have a place to stay which they can call as their own every time they are both in the Big Apple or, at least, one of them is.

The two have been dating for almost a year already after each one came from failed relationship. So moving in together would simply keep their healthy romantic relationship on track despite their respective busy schedules.

In another news, Irina Shayk was recently spotted in Kitzbuhel, Austria for an SUV launching of German luxury carmaker Audi.

Those who have spotted the Russian beauty during the event were all one in saying that she really looked gorgeous and stunning wearing a red gown partly covered with a brown trench coat.

While the SUV was the highlight of the event, the cameras of the photographers were mostly on Irina Shayk.

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