Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper Relationship Still Going Strong Amid Rumors of Breakup, And More!

Early last month, there were reports saying that American actor Bradley Cooper and his Russian supermodel girlfriend are already planning to move in together and were, in fact, looking for a place to buy in New York City.

Surprisingly, less than two weeks later, reports came out that the two have broken up after less than a year of dating because apparently Irina Shayk does not get along well with the actor’s mother Gloria Campano.

The report seems contrary also to previous sightings of both Gloria and Irina one weekend where they seemed to be hitting it off well.

In addition, the rumored breakup also happened sometime during the holidays when in fact the couple was seen checking out some possible pads in New York after the Christmas season.

E! Online eventually cleared the air by saying that the rumors are absolutely false. Bradley and Irina are still very much together and Irina gets along great with Bradley’s mother, a source close to the couple confirmed.

The same insider said that Irina and Gloria are extremely close and hang out even when Bradley is not around. In fact, they are also planning to have a vacation sometime soon.

The source also said that both Bradley and Irina could not be happier with how their relationship is progressing. The pair also wants to have kids someday and they have discussed it among themselves. More importantly, they love each other and the huge attraction between one another is very much in the relationship.

Irina in the Big Apple

Meanwhile, Irina was spotted out in the West Village neighborhood in New York City last week after wrapping up her promo duties for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, notes Just Jared.

In one of the events, the Russian supermodel was asked about posing with a shark for the magazine and she posed alongside a non-dangerous lemon shark.

She then said that she wishes she could also do it with a great white shark, which means she is not afraid of doing so.

It also proves that Irina is not bothered at all by rumors that she and boyfriend Bradley Cooper have broken up because the truth is, they are still very much together.

The rumored breakup

According to the rumors, the 41-year-old “American Sniper” actor decided to end his relationship with the 30-year-old Russian supermodel because he could not see it working out in the long term, notes the Daily Mail.

The report was published by The Sun which claimed that the couple had been getting on really well but somehow, things went south during the Christmas period.

The same report said that Bradley and Irina spent Christmas together in Los Angeles but arguments started, centering mainly on the fact that Irina and Gloria were not getting along very well.

Even The Sun said that the report came as a surprise since Gloria and Irina had appeared in public to be really getting along well plus the fact that Bradley and Irina have been considering moving in together.

The publication also alluded that Irina Shayk has moved on from her failed relationship with Bradley Cooper and was said to be growing closer to male model Stephen James, whom she starred with in numerous modelling projects.

Irina Shayk

In fact, during the 30th birthday celebration of Irina recently, Stephen James posted a picture of the Russian supermodel and captioning it with happy days to the most beautiful of them all. He did not express any romantic intonations though and just stated that he hopes Irina enjoys her birthday.

Truth be told, it seems that the rumored breakup is just meant to keep the two in the limelight as they have obviously decided to keep their relationship low-key and out of the prying eyes of the media whenever they can.

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