‘The Originals’ Season 3 Episode 13 Saw Aurora’s Vicious Plan to Bring Down the Mikaelson Falling Short!

Despite the seemingly vicious and fool-proof plan of Aurora, played by Rebecca Breeds, to bring down the Mikaelsons, it still fell short as expected and fans and viewers of the American supernatural drama TV series “The Originals” were able to heave a collective sigh of relief following another riveting 13th episode of Season 3 of the hit series aired on February 19 on The CW.

The episode titled “Heart Shaped Box” saw Aurora very determined to destroy Klaus Mikaelson, played by Joseph Morgan, and his family.

Her plan involved the use of Freya, played by Riley Voelkel, as bait. She was expecting that Klaus and Elijah, played by Daniel Gillies, will drop everything and rush to their sister’s aid. Unfortunately for Aurora, the Mikaelson brothers were far better than she has taken them for, notes the Christian Post.

While they did attempt to save Freya’s life but they also vowed to stop her torment and they can only do so by killing Aurora.

It was one of those confrontations for the ages and Aurora was eventually contained by Klaus and Elijah. But she appears determined not to go down without a good fight as well. In fact, it is possible that the upcoming episodes of “The Originals” will see Aurora, taking everybody with her as she goes down finally.

Aurora did go down in episode 13 but it was not completely anyway. But her barrel of white oak bullets still managed to cause plenty of trouble for the Original family.

Like Freya, who was kidnapped, shot, and buried alive in a single afternoon, Klaus might never have found her if she did not call on Finn’s power for assistance. It was a harrowing experience for Freya alright but it finally solidified her as a member of the family, details TV Line.

Taking a bullet too

Elijah also took a bullet to the shoulder after calling Aurora out for being a damn Looney Tune. He chastised Aurora for thinking that he caused her little breakup with Niklaus.

Unfortunately, while the Mikaelsons defeated Aurora, she gained a powerful new ally in Aya.

Meanwhile, Davina, played by Danielle Campbell, was shown during the episode trying her best to complete a spell that could save the lives of her closest friends.

She had everything on hand except for that one essential component. She then conjured Kol, played by Nathaniel Buzolic, to ask for his assistance.

Kol told Davina that what was missing was the heart of an unsired vampire. Only Hayley, played by Phoebe Tonkin, and Jackson, fit the bill, but since dead guys are way easier to pin down, The Strix and its new leader Marcel, did a little grave-digging.

Training of Cami continues

The training of Cami as a new vampire also continued during episode 13 with the help of Hayley and also Klaus.

Hayley and Cami had a sparring session at Marcel’s church but it turned personal when Hayley tells her that she has not been herself lately and in her less-sane moments, Cami has been putting the people that she loves in danger.

It was clear that Hayley was able to face a few of her own demons while in the midst of teaching and tackling Cami and whipping her into shape.

Episode 14 of “The Originals” will air on February 26 and it will feature Stefan Salvatore, played by Paul Wesley, showing up in New Orleans to rescue the Mikaelsons in a crossover episode yet again with its parent series “The Vampire Diaries.”

Klaus and Elijah shall reportedly end up in a magical trap with the threat of prophecy hanging over them. And one of them could end up dead based on what the witches in The Strix’s coven have planned.

The Originals Season 3

The Mikaelsons will get the much-needed help from Freya, Hayley, Marcel, and Stefan.

Executive producer Julie Plec disclosed why Stefan will find his way to New Orleans. She explained that the crossover episode was born out of Stefan needing a place to escape. Since he is on the run, he needs to go somewhere where magic can’t find him and New Orleans happens to be a place where magic does not work.

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