Injustice 2: Starfire, Now Available as DLC

Get ready first time video game players out there who are fans of DC’s Injustice. New Downloadable Content (DLC) Pack is released for NetherRealm Studio fighting game, Injustice 2. Meet Starfire, a sexy new character unveiled during the Watchtower live stream event of the game last August 8.

The character would be suitable for first time and inexperienced players according to the developers in the live stream. Beginners can play with Starfire who has a smaller move set compared to others and her moves are described as more straightforward.

As the next Queen of Tamaran, Starfire fights to protect the planet she now calls her home. She is also known as Princess Koriand’r who has been exiled to earth being a victim of her fratricidal sister vengeful plot that destroyed their planet.

She has lighting blazing green eyes which is her power to absorb ultraviolet energy and unleash it as green outburst of fire. This is her style of fighting that influences her survival in the game. With her projectiles of green energy, she can also create weapons. In addition to her various basic jab and spin attacks, she could also float above the ground.

Watch a video of a rundown of Starfire’s moves:

The video showed off Starfire’s Shaders which are different costume sets that transform the character’s look, one of which looks like it basically transforms her into her sister Blackfire. The transformation includes the complete look of different hair and fire colors. Her sister was the reason for her exile on Earth and the capture of her planet. Along with the Injustice 2 cast, Starfire also has her own Tournament Shader in black and gold colors.

You may also notice that Starfire may seem faster than any other characters in the game and with her flying abilities it could be difficult to bring her down. Also noted on the video is that Starfire commented about Dick Grayson which implies that it is keeping in line with the modern stories that they were in a committed relationship. Based on this, she might be firmly on Batman’s side after Damien killed Nightwing.

For gamers who own Injustice 2’s Deluxe or Ultimate Editions, Starfire will be available to be purchased on her own and is also available in the Fighter Pack 1 along with Sub-Zero and Red Hood. A total of at least nine characters will be released as DLC for Injustice 2.

Injustice 2 has a character roster of nearly 40 heroes and villains summed up who were characters from the DC Universe. Famous characters are of course Superman, Batman and The Flash. It was just launched in USA on May 16.

NetherRealm’s Ed Boon teased the next fighter pack during its San Diego Comic Con live stream. “Of all the characters we’re going to reveal, we’ll have the biggest ‘wow’ for the last one we’re going to show”, he said. He also added that the announcement video is coming soon.

So, are you ready to explore Starfire’s powers yet?

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