PC Emulation of Red Dead Redemption Preview

Since 2010, Red Dead Redemption had only been playable on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. A few years after, Rockstar Games will release its sequel and the group RPCS3 is trying to make change to make it playable through PC Emulation. Despite some efforts of emulation teams, it has been proven to be extremely tricky to emulate the game into the PC.

PC and next-gen console players have been requesting the developers to make it available on PC for a long time now. Thanks to the group called RPCS3. They are working to let the PC gamers experience the action-packed game Red Dead Redemption.

RPCS3 posted on their YouTube channel to preview the first time the game was played on the PC. It didn’t go smoothly of course because as it was only the first time. You can’t expect it to run flawlessly immediately. In the video, the demo still kind of needs an “upgrade” since it has a lot of bugs and the graphics are not in high quality because of low frame rates. Nevertheless, the preview is a big jump to PC Emulation.

Check out the video below to watch the preview:

The description of the video says, “Until just a few days ago, ‘Red Dead Redemption’ would only load up to the main menu and show a few frames before hanging. Some persistent users could quickly get in-game from there, but once again it would only show a few frames before hanging. With recent improvements to graphics emulation thanks to Jarves, the game can now continue to run without hanging and we can finally go ingame and control the character.”

Playing as John Marston, previously an outlaw, Red Dead Redemption is set in a fictional scene of the American West and in the borders of Mexico in 1911. It focuses on the American Frontier and its decline. In exchange for the safe return of Marston’s wife and children having been taken as hostages by the government, he needs to kill members of an old gang. It is pretty much like Wild Wild West with a lot of horseback riding, duels and gunfights.

So far, the game is more optimized to load on the Xbox One’s simulated 360. Playing offline is smooth and flawless with no severe bugs however the online portion of the game does not really run impressively and is essentially broken. NPCs like people in the towns, people riding horse and carriage along the roads and enemies in gang hideout don’t spawn that leads to bugs including XP glitching. Sometimes the players’ characters are invisible that doesn’t appear in the game but only on the minimap. And when they do appear in the game, being hit by a gun does not seem to decrease health. Connecting to servers or respawning seems to be almost three times slow.

The players are already calling out to Rockstar Games to fix the problem for the Xbox 360 version where the severe online bugs and glitches started in 2014.

This is only just the beginning as updates and upgrades may be in the future for the emulation. Players just need to be patient as there are promising signs that the game could be finally played on PC.

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