Injustice 2 Set For A March Release, Rumors About Watchmen Characters Doing The Round, Will Sub-Zero And Spawn Feature As Playable Characters?

With news of Injustice 2 gearing up for a 2017 release becoming more and more, fans have started speculating if Watchmen characters might be featured in the upcoming game. Reports suggest that Injustice 2 would be full of DC Comics superheroes and villains. From Batman to Wonder Woman to Harley Quinn, all the characters are expected to be a part of Injustice 2.

NetherRealm Studios is working on Injustice 2 and features an extensive list of DC Comic characters. Every battle in the game allows the players to personalize the DC characters and earn powerful weapons that help in their subsequent battles.

Ed Boon, who is the director of the much-anticipated sequel to Injustice, asked fans to vote on which characters from Watchmen they would want to see in Injustice 2. The poll excited the fans and over 70% votes have gone for the introduction of Watchmen characters in Injustice 2.

The introduction of Watchmen characters will make for an exciting roster, but what would be better was if they were paired with interesting characters. Reports suggest that fans would love to see Dr. Manhattan against Deathstroke or Rorschach fighting Batman.

WWG reported that Ed Boon has some exciting plans for Injustice 2 and players might able to pit Wonder Woman against Silk Spectre and Deadshot against Nite Owl.

The developing team of Injustice 2 hasn’t been forthcoming about providing insights on what fans can expect from the new game. However, fans are hopeful that the game might reveal some trailer or scoop during the PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards.

Since the game is eyeing a 2017 release, it is high time that they release a trailer for the same. With two grand events lined up in the coming weeks, fans are hopeful that they would be able to get a better idea of Injustice 2.

Sony has released PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft is working hard on Xbox Scorpio, which will release in 2017, in such a situation, Injustice 2 developers might want to reveal when they are planning on releasing the game for the benefit of the fans.

According to Cosmic Book News, the story of Injustice 2 will carry with the story that Injustice: Gods Among Us had introduced. It showed Batman and his team working hard to help the society get back on its feet. The superheroes also had to deal with Superman’s allies, who wanted to bring him back in power.

Injustice 2 will introduce new arenas for the battle, which have become bigger and better than those seen in the first installment. The battles will take place in iconic locations like Gotham City, Atlantis, and Metropolis.

Superhero video games are hard to tackle since it’s hard to understand whether they will click or not. Both Marvel and DC Comics have struggled to deliver a superhero game that appeals to the players. The Arkham series got it right and then Injustice: Gods Among Us went on to become an unprecedented success.

Injustice 2

iTech Post reported that Sub-Zero and Spawn are leading Ed Boon’s poll for new playable characters in Injustice 2. Those who aren’t aware, Sub-Zero is a character from Mortal Kombat. The Sub-Zero will introduce destruction in Injustice 2.

The character is known for his defensive and deadly ice skills. The character can go melee and range at the same time, which makes him a dangerous opponent to fight with. He can show off his combat skills from every possible angle.

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