Indian Users of HTC Desire 816 Finally Get Android Lollipop Update!

It’s been a while since Android’s 5.0 Lollipop version came out on the market, and various companies have taken different lengths of time to release the update for their own devices. Now that most of the market has the new operating system, there are just a few devices left to go as some manufacturers are still catching up in some particular markets. Just now, the HTC Desire 816 has been upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop for Indian users, and they can finally enjoy all the extra features that were brought in with this version.

Reports claim that the update is 862.8 MB, making it a good idea to download the new release over Wi-Fi where available. Of course, some carriers might allow their users to download the update via data for free or at a reduced price on some plans, but that’s not guaranteed in that specific market. After downloading and installing the new update, a user’s device should be brought up to version 2.34.7201 of the build, making it more or less in line with the current release line.

Note that this version number is separate from the actual Android version ID of the OS, which explains why it doesn’t start with 5. Users can expect various improvements with this release of Android, as it updates the UI, privacy features of the device, it adds support for multiple pages for recent apps, and also adds a new search function in Settings.

Some users have reported that they actually haven’t received the update yet, but this is a standard situation when a major Android release is pushed out, as it usually takes some time to properly deploy it to all update servers. Users should just be patient and wait for the update to arrive to their own devices, which should happen at some point over the next few days.

Meanwhile, some have been asking about the current status of the update for the Desire 820, which still hasn’t received Android 5.0, and it’s not clear when it will get the new version of the operating system either. Given that the update has now been pushed out for the Desire 816 in India though, it shouldn’t take too long to see the other device updated in a similar fashion.

HTC Desire 816

Users should keep an eye on tech blogs, especially Android-centered ones, as they tend to cover upcoming update releases pretty thoroughly, and as soon as something comes up on the 820 front, we should know straight away. At this rate though, the update probably isn’t too far away and there have even been rumors that it’s in the final stages of testing – but of course those can be hard to confirm.

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