GTA 6 Rumored Coming Between 2018 and 202, Game Possibly Set in Europe? Let’s See

Rockstar’s current focus is on “GTA 5”, and their plate is certainly full on that front. The game was recently released on PC on Valve’s popular Steam platform, and it’s been enjoying a lot of hype over there, with thousands of YouTube videos posted every day, and of course various mods already making their way to the scene. At the same time, some fans are still curious to find out what happened to the next installment in the franchise, which was rumored to be close to an official announcement.

Of course, many people took those rumors with a grain of salt, as it would be strange indeed for Rockstar to announce the next game in the series so soon after releasing this one. Plus, the company still has some work to do on “GTA 5” and an announcement for “GTA 6” would probably be taken very badly by the community.

Still, some fans are constantly asking about the next game and scouting the Internet for any kind of information about it at all. So far, we’ve been hearing some rumors about the next “GTA” title but nothing concrete – the most prominent rumors right now are claiming that the game is being prepared for a release between 2018 and 2020.

There’s a lot of time to go until then, but that would coincide with Rockstar’s current release schedule and it would make sense for the studio. They would have plenty of time to iron out any issues with “GTA 5” until then, and they’ll also be able to collect enough feedback to make sure that the next game truly meets fan expectations, so we expect nothing but a flawless release when that time rolls around.

So far, the studio is rumored to be brainstorming the location of the next game, and that’s an important point that they still haven’t decided on. There are various options on the table right now, according to rumors, and some of the most prominent ones are set in Europe. If the next “GTA” game really does cross the ocean, that would be an interesting development.


It won’t be the first time that’s happened in the series though, as one of the very first “GTA” games was based in England and was remembered with an iconic status in the community. The next game could very well be a throwback to that, or it could be set in a different country, telling a completely separate story. It’s hard to tell right now.

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