Hulu Beats Netflix In The VR Avenue, Brings In Originals And Popular Sitcoms. Star Cast Of Runaways Disclosed!

Hulu didn’t only include series. It brought in several movies like There Will Be Blood. According to CNET, the film was nominated for eight Oscar awards. Hulu has also included Revolutionary Road; I Love You Phillip Morris, Failure to Launch and Soapdish.

Gizmodo reported that Hulu and Marvel are coming together to create a series by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. The main cast of Runaways has been announced. Now Hulu has introduced their evil parents as well. The series will be a little different from the comic books.

The teens are close friends in the book, but they will be frenemies who will come together to join against the common enemy, their parents. Ryan Sands and Angel Parker will play the role of Alex’s parents, Geoffrey and Caroline Wilder.Brittany Ishibashi will play the role of Tina, Nicco’s mother. James Yaegashi will the role of her husband.

Chase’s father will be played by James Marsters. He will be paired against Ever Carradine. Gert Yorkes’ parents will be played by Brigid Brannagh and Kevin Weisman.AnnierWersching and Kip Pardue will play Karolina’s parents.

Hulu hasn’t announced the official date for Runaways’ release.

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