‘The Originals’ Season 4 Trailer Teases ‘The Dead Will Rise Again;’ Hints At Cami’s and Possibly Davina’s Return!

After months of waiting, The CW has finally released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season of “The Originals.” While most of the trailer involves Pheobe Tonkin’s Hayley on a mission to reunite the Original family, Joseph Morgan’s Klaus is seen still chained following his trial from the Season 3 finale.

She manages to find Elijah daggered in a coffin. Speaking to TV Line, executive producer Michael Narducci said that Hayley’s biggest motivation for all these years is her love for Elijah. He adds that fans should wait for a major story arc for the two involving their romance.

It then cuts to Marcel, who is clearly enjoying his renounced position in New Orleans. As per International Business Times, Marcel will make sure that the Mikaelsons won’t come back to his city after all the hard work he had done to reclaim his power.

However, the last few seconds of the trailer promises that the dead will rise again. It then cuts to Klaus, who cries out in pain for Camille and she appears right behind him in his cell.

It’s obvious that Cami’s appearance was a result of Klaus’ hallucination, but many fans believe that the character will be resurrected from the dead this season.

After all, the show is known to make contact with the departed and can bring back characters from the dead.

During last year’s ComicCon, executive producer Julie Plec stated that fans have not last seen the last of Leah Pipes’ Cami despite dying halfway in Season 3.

She also teased that Danielle Campbell’s Davina Claire might also pop up. The witch sacrificed herself in Season 3’s penultimate episode in order to prevent Marcel from killing the Mikaelsons.

Plec adds that it will be interesting to see Hayley in the upcoming season becoming a stronghold for her daughter Hope amid searching tirelessly for a cure and an unlinking spell. The showrunner also teases that Hope might be an essential element to saving his father and family.

The show will open five years after the events of the Season 3 finale, with Hayley still hell-bent on bringing back her family along with a 7-year-old Hope, played by Summer Fontana.

Hayley is also scared for her daughter because so many people are after Klaus and since she is her direct family, many supernatural creatures will also target her.

However, it looks like Hope will also have a storyline of her own in the coming season. Reports suggest that Hope will show characteristics of her father as well as his powers and abilities.

New faces will also be joining in Season 4. Neil Jackson is set for a recurring role as Alistair Duquesne, a character that Klaus will mostly interact with. Christina Moses and Keahu Kahuanui also joins the roster as Keelin, a bisexual werewolf, and Eddie, Joshua’s new love interest.

Taylor Cole and Debra Mooney have also been confirmed as guest casts for the season. Cole will play Sofya, while Mooney will play Mary Dumas.

Two more characters, named Lara and Dominic is set to have a guest starring role this season although no actors have been cast for the part yet.

The Originals Season 4

Fans will remember that last season, led by Marcel, vampires attacked the Mikaelson compound poisoning Freya and infecting Kol and Elijah with Marcel’s venomous bite.

Rebekah’s attempt to help results to her succumbing to her curse and switches sides against her brothers and sister. Klaus was sentenced to be daggered using Papa Tunde’s blade.

It was revealed that the plan was just a way for the Mikaelsons to buy some time for Freya to come up with a solution to save them all. She was able to create a spell that linked all their lives with Klaus.

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