HTC One M9 Still Has Plenty to Differentiate Itself as a Great Smartphone

The Taiwanese smartphone maker recognizes these major concerns of the users of its current flagship smartphone that is why it has come up with the remarkable HTC Active Pro Case, which would make the HTC One M9 a sturdy handset to withstand the risk that outside elements may pose onto it.

The good thing about the case is that its design looks very impressive so much so that when the HTC One M9 uses it, it seems like the case is just part of its overall body. It is also lightweight and hardly offers any bulk to the HTC One M9 package, thus making the handset really look great.

As quality normally comes with a price, the HTC Active Pro Case is retailed for $79.99 which is relatively fair enough because it provides the HTC One M9 a shock and water resistance feature as much as it is slim and very attractive too.

By using the HTC Pro Active Case, users actually get an IP8X waterproof rating and an IP6X dust protection. It also has a shockproof rating which shall enable the HTC One M9 with the HTC Pro-Active Case on it to survive even a two-meter drop.

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