HTC One M9 Still Has Plenty to Differentiate Itself as a Great Smartphone

HTC One M9, the current flagship smartphone of the Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC, has received a number of criticisms particularly for its under-achieving camera and its design which hardly offers any major improvement from the HTC One M8.

Despite such drawbacks, the HTC One M9 still had a lot to offer when it eventually hit all major carriers in the US during the first few weeks of April following its global launch in March at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

Right off the bat, the HTC One M9 drew positive feedbacks for its stunning all-aluminum design. Critics, however, were quick to point out that the design was practically a rehash of what HTC One M8 previously featured when it was released last year, notes Gotta Be Mobile.

Still, the HTC One M9 still has plenty to differentiate itself and make it a great phone. This amid reports that HTC is rumored to be already working on the revamped HTC One M10, which would come soon to end the glorious but short-lived run of its predecessor.

Accordingly, some of the great features of the HTC One M9 which are considered as difference-maker, in as far as other flagship smartphones today are concerned, include its perfect screen size, excellent sound, great camera (although some would surely not agree), premium design, micro-SD for expanding storage, good battery life, quick charging, software and themes, and the applicability of the smartphone as a remote control.

Gold treatment

Meanwhile, HTC One M9 has become the latest high-end smartphone to get a gold treatment from the UK-based Goldgenie, reports the GSM Arena.

The luxurious 24-karat gold-plated HTC One M9 can now be purchased at Goldgenie’s official website for a hefty price of $2,560. Interested buyers have to put a downpayment of 50% or $1,280 before Goldgenie customizes a gold version of the HTC One M9.

The company will cover an HTC One M9 with 24-karat gold for the buyer, pack it and all its accessories within a cherry oak wooden box, and ship to the consumer’s doorsteps.

Buyers can also opt to ship their existing HTC One M9 to Goldgenie and the company will just return it after giving it the gold treatment. Typical with all of Goldgenie’s smartphone offering, the gold edition of the HTC One M9 comes with a lifetime warranty for the gold paint job.

Improving the smartphone’s camera

Although the HTC One M9 has tons of great features that make it truly one of the better flagships released this year, its major downside has always been its camera.

In fact, just a few weeks after its release in April this year, the Taiwanese tech giant has promised that it will roll out an update to improve the smartphone’s camera.

While many believe that improving the camera is more of an issue of the hardware and not software as what HTC wants to make it appear, it actually did part of the trick in the European versions of the smartphone.

The substantial update to the European versions of the HTC One M9, rolled out at the start of June, did bring about many improvements on the flagship smartphone including its camera.

The update has actually provided better automatic exposure to keep photos in bright environments from getting washed out while improving low light shots by cutting back on noise and blur.

Once the update is fully taken on by the smartphone, a comparison was made on the images of photos taken from an HTC One M9 that acquired the update and a similar handset that did not take on the update. The result of the side-by-side comparisons showed that the HTC One M9 with the update has the better images compared to its counterpart.

htc one m9

Owning a pricey-looking smartphone like the HTC One M9, users are normally worried of using it in the outdoors for fear of accidentally dropping the handset or in the case of rain or any other watery situation, getting it wet and soaked in water.

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