‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Promises to be the Most Explosive to Date, Assure Producers

Speculations are also going around that Season 4’s scope will cover the things that were lacking in Season 3 especially now that Doug Stamper has redeemed himself, to Mr. Underwood at least, after burying Rachel Brosnahan’s Rachel Posner alive in the previous season to regain the President’s trust.

But fans of the loyal chief of staff may not take the news of him finally saying goodbye this season. Breathecast reports that this season will finally have Doug killed for good and this seems to worry fans as Michael Kelly himself is unsure if his character will get to see the end of the road in the upcoming season.

It would also not the first time the loyal lapdog faced death in the show. In Season 2, it was assumed that Doug was dead when Rachel hit him on the head with a brick but was revealed to be alive when Season 3 premiered.

Kelly himself tells Deadline that Willimon promised him that his character will survive the third season but has not yet guaranteed his survival for the upcoming season. The 46-year-old actor adds that the show indeed has a reputation for killing off great characters without hesitation so being the right hand to Spacey’s character does not actually give him protection. He continues that he’ll be just as surprised as fans with whatever happens to Doug Stamper this season.

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