‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Promises to be the Most Explosive to Date, Assure Producers

The fourth season of “House of Cards” is set to premiere in 2016 and Netflix promises that the upcoming installment to the American political drama TV series will be its most explosive season to date. According to reports, the producers have a lot on their plate with major changes in store for the show’s upcoming season.

One of the major changes the show will probably see is the release date, with the show being eyed for a March premiere. As per Gospel Herald, the first three seasons of “House of Cards” premiered on a Friday in the month of February. Season 1 debuted on February 1, 2013, the second season premiered on February 14, 2014, and the third season was released on February 27 this year.

Coincidentally, the release dates of the first 3 seasons are 13 days apart, the same number of episode order per season. Chances are, the upcoming season is going to follow this sequence. If so, the release date may fall on Friday, March 11 but everything is all on theory unless an official announcement is made.

The new report about the release date also goes against previous reports that “House of Cards” Season 4 will premiere at about the time when the US presidential election 2016 is at its high in February next year.

The cast and crew, as well as Netflix, have been keeping details of the upcoming season of the Emmy Award-winning show close to their chests. Aside from announcing that “Scream” star Neve Campbell is joining the cast for a yet unknown character, there is barely anything fans know about how Frank and Claire Underwood’s story continues.

Rumors say that Campbell’s character will be a new lady, who together with her husband, will rival the Underwoods played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. Reports also claim that another twist that the series will see is the presence of a couple likely to be the younger version of the President and his First Lady. This couple could either serve as a flashback or a déjà vu factor for the power couple.

Recently, a photo on the show’s Twitter account was shared with the caption “I will leave a legacy. #Underwood2016” hinting Frank’s platform in trying to win the votes of the people of America. While the streaming service has not released a trailer yet, fans of the show are very much eager to unearth more details about the hit political drama.

While details have been sparse, fans expect some big improvements and major happenings for the show this season. A lot of avid viewers weighed in that the last season was unlike the previous two as it did not deliver the same amount of political drama.

As per Venture Capital Post, the showrunners themselves were aware of what fans thought of Season 3, admitting they did veer away from the political aspects which were the usual storylines the first two seasons depicted. Producers admit that the last season was not really for everyone as it focused more on the relationship of the dynamic duo, Mr. and Mrs. Underwood.

The power couple hit rock bottom during the season finale as Claire walked out on Frank during his preparations for his re-election as President of the United States. Even though it was not the first time the couple had misunderstandings, the recent conflict between them seems to be a deal breaker.

House Of Cards Season 4

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Beau Willimon says that the next season will answer the question how President Underwood can function without his First Lady, let alone if he can even function without his wife, especially now that more and more of his allies are slowly turning against him. He adds that Frank and Claire being apart from each other will allow fans to see their characters in a new light.

Willimon adds the show draws its strength from Frank and Claire’s marriage and that the more they explore what the relationship between the two has to offer, the more they realize the emotional terrain the couple can go through.

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