Half-Life 3 Still a Mystery, Fan-Made Sequel Approved by Valve!

It’s also interesting to note that this mod was originally started as a job application for Valve, which was unfortunately turned down. The author still decided to pull through and completed his work to the end though, and now he claims that the mod offers a finely polished experience that should augment what we already saw in “Half-Life 2” in a neat fashion.

Things could get messy if Valve do eventually decide to continue the story of “Opposing Force” themselves – or through an external developer like they did with the original game – and if it turns out that their plot conflicts with the one in “Prospekt”. But they could probably easily draw attention to the fan-made nature of the mod and call their official version canon.

In any case, the likelihood of things even reaching that point is quite low now. Valve haven’t been really active in developing actual games lately, as the studio is primarily focused on improving Steam and producing cosmetic content for their own titles, a trend which has been quite annoying for some of their fans over the last couple of years.

Before they even talk about Shephard, they will need to focus on “Half-Life 3” and conclude the main part of the storyline. And with the way things have been going, this might not even happen at all, a possibility that more and more fans are starting to treat as a fact.

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