The Incredibles 2 Director Brad Bird Confirms More Meaty Role for Frozone!

In the first “The Incredibles” movie shown in 2004, Frozone was a good friend of the superhero Parr family. He and Mr. Incredible were part of a team at the beginning before joining forces once again towards the end to defeat the villain Syndrome.

Frozone was voiced in “The Incredibles” by Hollywood veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson. In a recent interview, Jackson said every time he runs into Director Brad Bird, the latter always tells him that Frozone will be an important part of the sequel, without going to any specifics.

Jackson said that he believes in Bird and is positive that Frozone would have an important role in “The Incredibles 2.” While he thinks that the movie could be done without his character in it, he nonetheless believes that having Frozone in the sequel would be a wonderful addition to what’s already there, details Movie News Guide.

However, much of the focus of “The Incredibles 2” will be on Jack-Jack, the youngest of the Parr family where much of the storyline shall reportedly revolve.

Since its announcement during the D23 Conference in March last year, “The Incredibles 2” has been one of the most anticipated features from Pixar Studios and Disney, notes Polygon.

Disney has already set a June 21, 2019 playdate for “The Incredibles 2” which gives Director Bird more than enough time to ensure that the sequel to the 2004 animated blockbuster will be equally as great if not better than the original film

A six-year time jump after 15 years

Given its playdate, “The Incredibles 2” will come out some 15 years after the first movie. But instead of a 15-year time jump from the original film to the sequel, reports have it that there shall only be a six-year time jump.

So the youngest of the superhero Parr family, which is Jack-Jack, will only be six years old when “The Incredibles 2” is shown on cinemas.

It could be recalled that Jack-Jack unleashed his power towards the end of “The Incredibles” to defeat Syndrome. Fans saw that his power was to shift shape because he can take the form of just about anybody he desires. However, Jack-Jack does not have control of his power, or so the reports say.

Latest reports have it that Jack-Jack will be the villain in “The Incredibles 2” and other than shape-shifting, he will reportedly develop other powers including floating, shooting lasers, teleporting, turning into fire, being a bulletproof steel, or become a small monster.

The speculations also say that Syndrome, whom Jack-Jack defeated in “The Incredibles” will come back and will be the mentor of the youngest Parr family member to become evil like him.

An even better story

It was actually Disney CEO Robert Iger who made the announcement in March last year that “The Incredibles 2” is a go and that writer and director Brad Bird shall take on the same role he took for “The Incredibles” in the upcoming sequel.

Soon after, Brad Bird stated that he is 75% done with the story for “The Incredibles 2” but he refuses to let others in on the details, lest he spoil everything.

But before taking on “The Incredibles 2” project, Bird said that he would only accept it if he could come up with a better story than the original film. Since he accepted the project, then it is very likely that Bird has come up with an even better story for “The Incredibles 2.”

the incredibles 2

According to speculations, Bird drew inspiration from spy films he watched and the comic books he read during childhood to come up with the story for “The Incredibles 2.” There are also reports saying that Iger himself has old ideas from the first movie which were not used but may be incorporated in the sequel already.

Subsequently, Bird also confirmed the entry to “The Incredibles 2” of award-winning composer Michael Giacchino, who also composed the score of the first film.

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