‘GTA 6’ Will Feature all ‘GTA’ Maps Combined into One Consistent and Unique World Map!

It was actually Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar, who said in a past interview that they are planning to do a game with a lead female character, but they have not found the right gameplay for it yet. He assured gamers then that it is one of those things that they always think about.

Given the extensive experience and track record of the New York City-based game developer, Rockstar certainly has plenty of ideas for the development of “GTA 6.”

Houser said that the company has about 45 years worth of ideas that they wanted to do. While they still do not know what “GTA 6” will be, they definitely have some great ideas from where they will be picking up the right ones when they go into the development process.

Reports have it that Rockstar Games has already started working on the development of the upcoming “GTA 6,” but given how the developer keeps on releasing updates to the multiplayer version of the “GTA 5,” the “GTA Online,” it appears that it has yet to find time to focus on the work at hand.

There are also reports that say that “GTA 6” will be very interactive and that gamers can absolutely go anywhere they want.

Accordingly, it is possible for players in the upcoming “GTA 6” to scale a high-rise block of flats and enter the topmost apartment, rob it, and then base jump out of the window, or perhaps even from the very top of the building.

Rockstar Games has yet to make an official announcement or statement to confirm or deny these latest speculations so these should all be taken with a fine grain of salt.

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