GTA 6 and the Future of the Franchise: Is It Time for Rockstar to Start Planning Multiplayer from the Very Beginning?

The good thing is that the franchise is obviously not going anywhere anytime soon, as Rockstar are not only dedicated to developing “GTA 5” to its full potential with post-release content, but they have also been allegedly already thinking about “GTA 6” and drawing up various ideas for it.

From what we’ve heard so far, the studio’s top priorities in the planning for “GTA 6” include figuring out a good location for the game, as well as coming up with even more interesting characters than the last installment had. There have been rumors that they’re going to spice things up with regards to the game’s character line-up even more this time.

Rumors include the possible addition of a female character to the cast, and possibly expanding the number of main characters even further, although going over the original three might be a bit of an overkill according to most fans of the franchise.

It would be much better if Rockstar were to focus on developing two or three very strong characters with deep, multi-sided personalities. After all, even though the studio should definitely try to create good multiplayer for this game, the single player experience has always been the main selling point of “GTA” and Rockstar should focus on perfecting that as much as possible for the next installment that they are planning, whenever they might be aiming to release that.

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