The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Will Show Sheldon Trying to Figure Out What Happened in Season 8 Finale, More Details

Sheldon was in for quite a shock when season 8 of “The Big Bang Theory” ended, and so were most of his fans. Nobody was really expecting the breakup with Amy, even though there had actually been some rumors that this was planned by the writers – or at least that they have been toying with the idea. Many fans simply didn’t want to believe that this relationship will be killed off, and the way it happened made it even more difficult to swallow for everyone.

And now, the effects of this breakup will carry over to season 9 right from the start as Sheldon will be shown trying to figure out what happened to his relationship, and how he could win Amy back. He will obviously be quite disappointed by the way things turn out and will refuse to believe that the relationship is over for good, but we don’t know the exact details of how far he might go in his pursuit for Amy.

The plot synopsis for episode 1 of the new season claims that Sheldon might try to “accelerate” the process of Amy thinking about the future of their relationship, but hopefully this isn’t going to backfire for him. After all, we know that the character might be an extremely intelligent person with a deep understanding for many aspects of the universe, but when it comes to women and how they behave, he’s a bit of a lost cause.

Which has been one of the main points of humor for his character over the course of the show, but now things have taken a slightly less humorous turn as he has been forced to face some of life’s harsher realities.

Meanwhile, Sheldon won’t be the only one going through a difficult time, as Penny and Leonard are also stuck in a problematic part of their relationship. The fact that Leonard cheated on Penny is still echoing in both of their heads – especially Penny’s – and it’s not clear if she has been able to overcome the situation or not. All we know is that the episode synopsis seems to imply that Penny might take some drastic measures to get over what happened, which certainly doesn’t sound good for Leonard.

There have actually been rumors that the cheating sub-plot might become even deeper and more involved for the new season, as the writers are apparently planning to actually show the woman he kissed in episode 9. We don’t know how she will appear or what she will do to the relationship between Leonard and Penny, but reports claim that she will be played by Melissa Tang.

This has been a worrying claim for some fans, as the two characters’ relationship had just started to mend itself and get back to its original state, so it would be sad to see all of that effort falling apart all over again. It’s noticeable that both Leonard and Penny want to make things work between them, but having that woman back in their lives so soon might be a bit too much for both of them to handle.

the big bang theory season 8

Hopefully the writers aren’t preparing us for yet another breakup, because that might actually be a disappointment to some fans at this point. Dramatic moments are okay when used sparingly, but it might be becoming a bit too much for a show like “The Big Bang Theory” and the majority of its audience.

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