GTA 6 and the Future of the Franchise: Is It Time for Rockstar to Start Planning Multiplayer from the Very Beginning?

“GTA 5” came out with native multiplayer support and this immediately won over many fans, as this is a feature that has been requested for a long time and was even added to previous installments in the franchise through unofficial mods. In the end, the studio decided to add the feature to the game and give it their full support, and so far it’s been working out fantastically for everyone involved. Players are happy, Rockstar are definitely happy with their profits, and critics have also been quite fond of the game.

However, despite all this, some players and critics have been pointing out that the multiplayer component of the game feels like somewhat of an afterthought. Sure, it does have a lot of content and Rockstar are adding even more, but in the end, it started out with some balance issues which still haven’t been resolved, and it doesn’t look like the studio can do anything about them in general as they are rooted in the core of the gameplay.

At the same time, there have been some minor technical issues in the background which are hinting towards the possibility that multiplayer was added at a later stage of development. And if it’s true that Rockstar are already planning the next installment in the franchise, they should definitely have multiplayer as one of their top priorities, at least if they want to see their fans truly happy.

There’s a lot that can be achieved by starting to build the game from the ground up with multiplayer in mind, such as a better backend infrastructure to handle large numbers of players, instead of limiting the servers to their current state.

Thinking more carefully about balance would be a good idea too, especially with regards to giving players more opportunities to spend their hard-earned cash. Or, at least, more interesting opportunities, as the current game has been noted as a bit lacking in this regard, even considering all the content that has been released for it additionally.

Rockstar should also pay attention to player feedback, although the studio has a pretty strong track record of doing that already, and we have no doubts that they are actively following their fan forums and looking through the various discussions going on about the game. Players love to talk about what they want to see in the future of the franchise, and Rockstar can easily get some ideas by just going through the many threads that are available online.

More options for customization might not be a bad idea either, even though “GTA 5” already delivers quite well on this front. Customizing player characters is one of the hottest topics in games nowadays in general, and if the studio puts some effort into giving players more options for modifying their game experience, this could significantly add to the immersion of the game.


Some players have also been calling for more advanced social features, with some random ideas including the ability to mess with radio stations and even create their own for all players to listen to, as well as a more interesting, feature-rich market for trading their hard-earned assets. “GTA 6” can be turned into a very socially focused game if Rockstar play their cards right, but it will take some effort to pull that off correctly, even with their current experience.

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