Gran Turismo 7 To Include Playstation VR Headset Support, And More!

According to sources online, the gameplay takes a jump and is still considered to be one of the most realistic driving simulators on the market. That is likely to hold true for Gran Turismo 7, as well as bringing new features like Stability Assist to ABS and ways to make driving the cars more accessible.

The release date has been announced as spring of 2016, but all that is being reported right now is the fact that the beta version will be open at that time. As of right now, even publications are hard pressed to say that it will be released in late 2016, with the game more likely being released in 2017.

Other features include campaign mode, sports mode and arcade mode, with each of them bringing new features and fun for racers of all ages. The game is reportedly going to have more realistic sound as well. It was announced recently that the Gran Turismo 7 team has acquired a Forza audio team member.

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