Gran Turismo 7 To Include Playstation VR Headset Support, And More!

If you are not reading about, thinking about or wanting to know more about virtual reality in terms of video games then you are missing the entire point. Virtual reality, or VR, has been taking off like a rocket over the last few years and when you see huge companies like Facebook putting down more than $2 billion for a company that specializes in it, you know people are series about it. That has a lot to do with Gran Turismo 7.

The brand new racing simulation game has been announced and will be in beta this spring. The very first Gran Turismo was released about twenty years ago and if you had asked then if virtual reality would be a part of the game in twenty years, there might not be too many that agreed that it would. Fast forward twenty years and it looks like Gran Turismo 7 is going to be the first video game to come with support for Playstation’s VR virtual reality headset.

Playstation VR, which was more widely known as Project Morpheus, is a head mounted display from Sony that is going to give you a full PS4 video game system experience. Sony has been interested in head gear for years, but as of right now, Sony has a couple of prototype models being tested and there is no confirmation of the exact release date. In the meantime, video game developers are going to continue to make games expecting the release to come eventually.

Gran Turismo 7 is one of those games being developed for the Playstation VR headset. There has been plenty of talk about Gran Turismo 7 and what gamers can expect in terms of race cars that are going to be added to the game, but the virtual reality news has even overshadowed that. As one of the most popular Playstation racing games out there Gran Turismo has cemented itself as a staple for those interested in checking out new cars and race tracks around the globe. Gran Turismo has appeared on every Sony gaming device and has sold more than 76 million copies around the world.

Gran Turismo 7

Some fans might want to know why it took almost two years since the release of Gran Turismo 6 to bring the next installment to the series and the answer is simple. The developers have major road blocks to overcome while building a game that is used on a new gaming console. Higher definition graphics, more realistic movements and locations take time to create and when you are doing everything in 1080p resolution, that adds to it. Not to mention, other racing games were released during the same time period. Gran Turismo 7 is bringing more than cars to the track, as well.

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