GoPro Hero 5 Launching in October 2016 to Bring Back Investor Confidence on American Camcorder Company!

The confidence of the company over the Hero 5 and the Karma actually emanates all the way from GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman, who recently said that the upcoming offerings from the company will surely give its would-be users an ‘Oh my God’ feeling of satisfaction and almost disbelief.

The GoPro Hero 5 will feature a unique combination of future technology and low price, consistent with previous reports that the next iteration of the popular action camera line would come out cheaper than the Hero 4.

Based on previous reports, the GoPro Hero 5 will sport several remarkable features including high-quality underwater video capability allowing the device to operate seamlessly up to a depth of 60 meters, which is significantly better than the Hero 4’s 20-meter depth capability.

The GoPro Hero 5 will apparently come ready to shoot and record underwater up to 60 meters depth which only means that it will be using a dive housing instead of the standard housing that other GoPro action cameras come out with out of the box.

It is possible that GoPro Hero 5 will have an option for an even better underwater shooting and recording capability to distinguish it among all the other GoPro action cameras and make it a cut above the rest that GoPro has been saying all along.

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