‘Final Fantasy XV’ PC Version Gets Groundswell Support from Gamers

“Final Fantasy XV” already has a demo available for a while through its “Episode Duscae 2.0” as part of the “Final Fantasy Type-O HD” video game as shown by Square Enix at the E3 2015 last month, the game has a brand new boss for gamers to try to take down.

“Episode Duscae 2.0” is the gameplay demo for “Final Fantasy XV” and the fact that gamers who purchased “Final Fantasy Type-O HD” did so to play the demo excites Square Enix all the more for its video game.

Early last month, Square Enix released a new tech demo for Luminous Studio 1.5, the source engine where the developer is building the “Final Fantasy XV” on.

The engine has immensely contributed in giving the video game dynamic visuals, physically-based lighting systems, global illumination, skin penetrating light, realistic car paint, and a whole bunch of other things that sound really mundane when one is reading them but nonetheless look very impressive on the screen.

The release of the new engine has also updated “Episode Duscae 2.0,” which accordingly, now has a variety of technical changes, visual improvements, and other tweaks, which are all based on gamer feedbacks on the first edition of the gameplay demo.



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