OnePlus Two Specs Released Online And Battery Life Takes Main Stage!

You may not have heard of the OnePlus smartphone family, but you should know that things are about to change with the latest model the company is about to release. In a recent report, there is one spec that is going to be getting plenty of attention from the mobile users all around the world. Just like with any other smartphone from any other year you could buy one, the battery life has always been a hot topic.

That is the same with the OnePlus Two. A few of the executives for OnePlus took to Reddit to get some answers to those that are curious about what the can expect with the newest model. During that time, users were asking a ton of questions, but it was the battery life that seemed to get the most attention. The new phone is scheduled to arrive around the end of this month and when it does, the reviews are going to have the battery life under a microscope.

If the question and answer session indicated anything, it was that users will be able to enjoy a huge, 3300mAh battery that is reportedly going to fit into a smaller form factor compared to the OnePlus One. According to one of the executives, the phone is smaller, but will be bringing along about ten percent “more juice”. That is going to bring very good battery life to the smartphone world.

Battery life that has not been noticed since the Motorola early days when batteries were around the 3300mAh size as a standard. The only bad thing was that phones were much larger as well. Now that phones are slimming down with each new model, packing as much battery life into one is not as easy. Other questions had more to do with the camera the company is going to use, another spec that is always on the minds of consumers that love to post selfies and things on Instagram. The answer was very general, but basically, consumers are going to have to wait until launch to see what camera is being used.

oneplus two

As expected by most that have been following the new phone development, the OnePlus Two will be running on the OxygenOS, but it will have a ton of added features, according to reports. The operating system is considered “bare bones” right now, but the performance is top notch. The company prides itself on a clean operating system that is powerful, close to stock and one that can have customized options and tweaks added. So far, the OnePlus Two has undergone severe testing so that it does not follow with the same bugs that were noticed with the first model.

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