OnePlus Two Specs Released Online And Battery Life Takes Main Stage!

The hardware side of things has been locked down for a while now, while the company tweaks the software side of things. Overall, the executives are quite happy with the results and are ready to bring the phone to the marketplace by the end of this month. There are a few things being adjusted in the exit stage, but overall, the phone is ready to go.

Right now, the team is still working on whether or not they can accomplish Wi-Fi calling within the OxygenOS, but for now there are plenty of bands the OnePlus Two will operate on. Wi-Fi calling is hot right now with phone makers and consumers looking for a new experience and lower monthly prices.

Other specs that were revealed during the Q&A include the fact that the phone will come with a fingerprint scanner, Snapdragon 810SOC, 4GB of RAM, USB Type C port and a price tag that reads under $500.

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