Final Fantasy XV Demo to Only Be Available for Limited Time!

In recent years, there has been a trend among game publishers to move away from releasing demos for their games – something which has been the subject of ongoing criticism from both industry figures as well as fans, especially since it’s usually accompanied by a drop in production quality. In this situation, it’s good to see some companies still want to give their customers the opportunity to check out a game before buying it, such as Square Enix with their upcoming release of “Final Fantasy XV”.

However, according to a recent announcement by the company, the demo for the game will be released in a rather unusual way. It will only be available for a limited time, and only to those who have already pre-ordered “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” (which, as some have been pointing out, somewhat defeats the basic purpose of releasing a demo in the first place). This has been seen by some as a way for Square Enix to combat the inevitable attempts that some will make to profit from their copies of the game by putting them up on eBay, targeting buyers who’re interested in playing the demo.

The company has also stated that the demo will actually include a good chunk of content, and should give players at least two hours of entertainment. More dedicated players should be able to play it for even longer than that, getting up to three hours of solid gameplay out of just the demo. Square Enix have stated that this should be representative of the length of the final game – in the sense that, if they’re willing to release so much for free, fans should realistically expect a serious amount of content in the full game itself.

“Final Fantasy XV” is still some time away, but from what Square Enix have been releasing from behind the scenes, as well as the various rumors accompanying the official releases of information, the game is going to be an amazing experience for true fans of the series. The demo should make it clear whether or not fans are right to be excited about the new installment, but everything that has been shown so far is hinting towards a very finely crafted game with a lot of potential.

final fantasy xv

Critics have also been expressing satisfaction with Square Enix’s decision to go ahead with the release of a demo for the game, with some claiming that other companies should also pick up on this trend and be more open in releasing previews for their titles. This would certainly be a positive change to the industry instead of relying on trailers for advertisement so heavily, like some companies do nowadays.

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