Kate Middleton Shares Ideas for Thanksgiving Party, Disappointed by Her Sister!

Considering the origin of Thanksgiving and the traditions it’s associated with, it’s not often to see people from England eager to celebrate the holiday – but Kate Middleton and her family seem quite open to the idea. So much, in fact, that the princess has recently published a list of tips for making the most of a Thanksgiving celebration.

The post covers a variety of topics related to hosting a Thanksgiving event, from how to properly arrange the table decorations and make the meals look attractive, to hints for making the guests feel more comfortable, especially those who’re not from an American background and not that familiar with the traditions of the holiday.

According to Kate Middleton, the party should still be given an American flair as much as is appropriate in the circumstances of the family that’s hosting it, for example by adding an American flag to the table, or by focusing on some traditional American dishes served at this occasion, such as a roasted turkey. There are certainly plenty of ways to make American guests feel right at home, but even if there are no people from the US attending the party, it should still be done in a way that recognizes its American origins.

In the meantime, not everything has been perfect around the Royal family. Pippa Middleton has recently been in some talks about a potential position on NBC’s Today Show, something which was not met with the approval of her sister Kate, nor her husband William. They both seem to be of the opinion that accepting such a position would be a betrayal to the family, and have made it clear that this would be a serious detriment to the relationships between the three. It’s understandable where they’re coming from, and some have stated that this could be a downright conflict of interest for the family’s internal politics, given their position in society and in the life of English people as a whole.

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It’s worth noting that although Pippa has shown a strong desire to work as a journalist, the actual skills she has displayed in this regard have been less than stellar. In fact, most of her appearances have been met with strong criticism and even a mocking tone by some commentators, something which has further been chipping away at her relationship with the rest of her family. While she has recently stopped putting herself under the spotlight on purpose, the media certainly hasn’t stopped focusing on her life and analyzing it in detail, and her recent discussions about the potential position on the Today Show have not been helpful in this regard either.

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