Fast & Furious 7 Keeps Up Great Box Office Performance, Reaches another Important Mark!

It will likely be at least another two years before we see “Fast & Furious 8”, as the film is currently being prepared for a launch in April 2017. There have been no reports of any possible delays so far, but we have no idea what might happen over the period of two years, and it’s perfectly possible that we might hear about a delay.

Still, Vin Diesel definitely knows how to handle these things at this point, and heading the production of the next film should be much easier for him compared to the last one, given his extra experience.

Plus, he won’t have to deal with the huge emotional trauma of losing someone so close right in the middle of it all, something which surely must have impacted Diesel and the rest of his crew at least to some extent. We can only hope that the next film’s production is going to go through much more smoothly and without hassle.

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