Continuum Season 4 Coming Next Month, Here Is Some News!

The fourth season of Continuum has been a long time coming if you are a fan of the science fiction television show. Now that we know it is going to be here next month, it is a good time to check the news and see what has happened since the last time we wrote about the show. If you are not familiar, the television show is centered on a group of rebels from 2077 who can time travel back to 2012 in Vancouver, BC. What the rebels do not know is that a police officer comes along with them unwillingly.

The show was first on television back in 2012 on the Showcase channel. The first season was ten episodes, which is about the average for a new television series. The second season came along with 13 more episodes and on June 5, 2013, Continuum was renewed for a third season. At this time, fans were not sure if the show was going to be picked up for another season.

Continuum was on the Showcase channel in Canada and on the SyFy network here in the United States. By the end of the third season, news and other rumors were pointing to the fact that the show was not going to continue. Although that was not good news for the fans of the show, there was a little hope as it was not officially cancelled by the network. In May of last year, it was hinted that the show still had about seven to ten seasons of content for fans.

This was good news and at the same time, Rachel Nicols hinted that the show was going to bring on a “completely different Kiera”. At this time, Showcase has been thinking about the show for some time and finally announced that it would bring the show back for a fourth season. Continuum Season 4 is going to be the shortest, with only six episodes and it will first air in September of this year. Fast forward to right now and the fourth season is what people are talking about.

Continuum Season 4

The fourth season is also going to be the last for the show and even though that can be bad news, it is nice that the network noticed that it had some loose ends to tie up in the show. Because the last season of the show is going to be a shorter one, it is not known if the studio is going to continue with the plot stories that everyone will remember from the third season. Nicols mentioned that every good story deserves an ending and that she is happy that Showcase felt the same way, even though it will be a compact season.

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