Idina Menzel Excited and Elated to be Part of Frozen 2!

After coming out with the most successful animated film in history with “Frozen” back in 2013,  Disney has been busy preparing for pre-production work for the sequel.

Idina Menzel, the “Let it Go” singer and the voice actor for the Queen Elsa character in “Frozen” is expected to return for the sequel and she expressed her excitement for the upcoming film. The actress recently changed the color of her hair to blonde and joked about it being part of her preparation for the film so she could look more like Elsa.

When asked about the new plot for the film, Menzel was reluctant to spill any detail and said that the production could just still be at the creative writing stage at this time so there is not much information to talk about. She said that she is just happy that she will definitely be part of “Frozen 2.”

Intriguing plot

There have been a lot of rumors about the new plot of the film, including an absurd theory that Queen Elsa could introduce a lesbian love angle to the movie.

In the first movie, Princess Anna, Elsa’s sister, was said to be revive only by the famous true love’s kiss. Everyone initially thought that it would be the handsome Prince Hans whom she met at the ball. But it turned out that the prince was just plotting a scheme to take over the kingdom. Eventually, Kristoff came to the rescue but to no success. It turned out later that what really thawed Anna’s heart was her sister’s love.

Unfortunately, Disney would not be able to take this great risk on experimenting on Queen Elsa’s sexuality as they do not want to alienate a big part of their audience, who are mostly kids.

Though there is a big support in the LGBT community nowadays, it just isn’t enough to push a gay Elsa in the storyline. There is still a vast majority of the conservative sector that will be too dumbfounded to accept the gay Elsa story.

Frozen 2

However, the sequel will probably have more love angles than the fans expected as it was also reported that Queen Elsa’s love interest can be the modified version of Olaf, which would really be thrilling and exciting for the fans of the movie.

Another absurd theory

Some fans continue to be in the lookout for any news regarding the possible plot of the “Frozen 2” while others are even suggesting a very bizarre and morbid interpretation of Kristoff’s character.

In the movie, Kristoff has a reindeer best friend. A Reddit user, superclaude1, said that his coat seemed very strange since it was made of fur. The user suggested that if the audience will take a closer look at the fur, it would resemble the reindeer skin.

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