Continuum Season 4 Coming Next Month, Here Is Some News!

Nicols, who plays the police officer that has come back in time accidentally has been tasked with stopping the rebels from continuing their plan to end corporations that have future plans to replace governments. This entire story line takes place during 2012 and has to make sure that nobody finds out the group is from the future.

The story seems like something that folks might be interested in these days, but the fact that showcase only wants one more, shortened season shows that the numbers are not there. Not that the show was not popular, it was nominated for plenty of awards, winning in major categories like Best Costume Design, Best Editing, Best Sci-Fi TV Series, Best Screenwriting and Visual Effects.

The show has also been made into an online game, an online comic and last June there was a trading card company that released the show as well. There is a draw for the show, but unfortunately this will be the last go for Continuum.

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