Fans Throw All-Out Support to ‘Constantine’ to Convince NBC to Give Season 2 of the Series a Go

Fallback option

While both Cerene and Goyer remain hopeful that NBC might consider their presented positions on “Constantine,” both of them are also realistic enough to think and say that there is a possibility that the show will be cancelled amid their recent pitch considering the fact that it is all about ratings and bottomline for the network.

Cereone and Goyer believe that the show’s renewal for Season 2 is a long shot but they are still hopeful of a favorable reply and likely fresh opportunity from NBC.

The time slot that “Constantine” occupies with NBC is a very tough and competitive time slot. “Constantine” is also a very expensive TV series to produce.

Technically, all is not lost for “Constantine” at this point. Despite the TV series not making the expected ratings that NBC hoped it would vis-à-vis the show’s huge budget, there is still hope for Season 2 of the TV series.

Cerone said that while “Constantine” improved the ratings for a very tough time slot for NBC, the network’s decision will still hinge on the new pilot shows and how those would fare in comparison with its existing series like “Grimm” and “Constantine.”

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