Official Reports Deny Rumors Saying Flight MH370 Crashed in Bay of Bengal!

Flight MH370 has been missing for a long time now, and while most people seem to have given up hope on ever finding the airplane, there are still various rumors about it going around the Internet, especially around some websites. Many people are still very interested to find out what exactly happened with the plane as well, but it looks like we may still be far from an answer.

Recently, there have been some claims that the flight might have been located in the Bay of Bengal, where apparently it crashed originally. However, there was a lot of skepticism towards those claims from the very beginning, despite the rumors being repeated by several sources. And according to official reports, the plane has not been located neither in the Bay of Bengal, nor in any other location that has been named by external researchers so far.

There are plenty of people conducting their own investigation at the moment, trying to figure out the fate of the plane on their own, and while this is certainly a noble cause, it doesn’t seem to be producing any useful results so far. As time goes by, the numbers of these independent researchers will probably start to dwindle too, and in the end it’s possible that the plane may never even be found.

It won’t be the first time a plane has gone missing without a trace, although these cases are certainly always puzzling and confusing. Investigating a missing plane like that can also take a lot of time and resources, and the price for the search can actually grow over time as the efforts have to be expanded to a wider area. The search for flight MH370 has gone through various locations so far, but it seems like there is still a lot of area to cover.

Among the more active independent researchers, Andre Milne has recently made claims that he had spotted what looks like the wreckage of the airplane, and is raising funds to search the area on his own. His project will cost $2.5 million, and he’s taken to the Internet in hopes of raising the funds he’ll need to conduct the search.

Flight MH370

While official statements seem discouraging, it could never hurt to have someone extra helping out and covering areas that the official investigators aren’t focusing on. In the end, the more people are taking part in those searches, the better the chance we might eventually see the airplane found. This might become more and more difficult as time goes on however.

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