Fans Throw All-Out Support to ‘Constantine’ to Convince NBC to Give Season 2 of the Series a Go

Last month, writer and executive producer Daniel Ceron of American TV series “Constantine” disclosed that the renewal for the second season of the show on NBC depends largely on fan support.

Drawing support from show’s writer and creator David Goyer, Ceron was able to convince NBC to stream all 13 episodes of “Constantine” Season 1 for free. Fans of the show have until May 7 to watch and re-watch the show at no cost at all.

The only thing that Cerone and Goyer wanted to see from fans is that they tweet about “Constantine” on their respective Twitter accounts and share it to as many of their followers as possible and giving it the #Constantine and #SaveConstantine trends.

The efforts of the duo on social media appears to be working and getting the desired results as #Constantine was trending when the show was being pitched by Cerone and Goyer to NBC executives last week, notes Crossmap.

What to expect for Season 2

Making it easier for the fans at the same time keep their excitement over the show going, Cerone and Goyer actually tweeted what loyal viewers of “Constantine” should expect if the second season is approved by NBC.

If “Constantine” Season 2 gets the nod from NBC, fans can expect to see Doctor Fate, Spectre, Phantom Strange, and The Demon. There is also the likely possibility that Midnight might become a series regular.

There will also be flashbacks of Constantine’s original story which will also be included as part of the pitch made by Cerone and Goyer to NBC executives.

After their pitch to NBC last week, network executives informed Cerone and Goyer that they will come up with a decision about Season 2 of “Constantine” on or before May 11.

Cerone however believes that he may be able to get the news two to three days before May 11 and he promised the legions of fans of “Constantine” that he will immediately inform them about it via his Twitter account.

Cerone admits that “Constantine” is a very expensive show to produce. With an average number of viewers of slightly over 3 million per episode, NBC should be happy. But it seems that the netwok is still having second thoughts about it.


There have been reports earlier that the show was already technically cancelled by NBC early in April but Cerone debunked those reports saying that it has not been cancelled because NBC executives have yet to come up with a decision on the matter.

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