Fans and Critics Excited about Alien 5: Could the Movie Still Flop

“Alien 5” is supposed to do a lot for the franchise, mainly by bringing it back to its roots and exploring the themes and style that made the first films so successful in the first place. And while most have been excited to hear that, and there is a lot of positivity about the new production, there are also the inevitable notes of skepticism. And given the way the series developed after the second film, nobody can really blame fans and critics for approaching this movie more carefully.

There are indeed some things that could go wrong with “Alien 5”, and if the producers aren’t careful they could definitely end up disappointing their fans. One of the things that people apparently don’t want to see happening, is a return to the overly powerful high-tech style of the last films, where humans were equipped with borderline killing machines against the Xenomorphs, removing a significant portion of the thrill from the experience.

Is Sigourney Weaver going to reprise her role? Despite some fans wanting to see that, the general consensus seems to be that this would be a bad idea. The problem is that a lot of time has passed since her previous performance – and there is a certain tendency in the industry for reprised roles to be performed with less and less enthusiasm and success each time. This is precisely what’s worrying everyone about the possibility of seeing Weaver coming back, as it could mean a significantly underwhelming performance from her.

Fans and critics seem to be divided about how much violence the new film should include as well. Let’s face it – it’s a horror movie, and it’s not exactly PG-13 material, so some amounts of blood and gore are to be expected. However, there was an apparent tendency to push that aspect to the limit in previous films in the franchise, which was received as tacky and unoriginal by most fans.

Most saw it as a desperate attempt to generate more hype through controversy, but the final result was a gory mess that made it difficult to actually make out what’s happening on the screen at some points. The new “Alien 5” should definitely not hide its gory parts, but it should also approach them in a more tasteful and calculated way.

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Tarantino, for example, has shown us time and time again that gore and tastefulness don’t have to be mutually exclusive, as long as it’s done in an aesthetically pleasing way. The producers of “Alien” aren’t exactly unfamiliar with the whole violence territory either, so hopefully they will take a step back and evaluate what they want to do more carefully before letting blood flow freely.

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  1. I had a dream.

    In this dream, the film begins with Ripley was in a king of room, small and compartmentalized. Full of metal. She was dreaming to alien 3.

    It was the clone of the 4th movie. Captured after Alien 4 because the station was destroyed and she was coming back to heart.

    She was not a lot dressed, waking suddenly, and screaming in pain as if something wanted to get out of his belly. But it was her is full body, something was coming from everywhere and covered it little by little. While her mutating, we saw her face changing to become a kind of xenomorph.

    After that, We see the real Ripley that the stories continue after the Alien 2.
    2 Ripley during Alien 5.

    During Alin 5, the clone in the Alien 4 appear in the movie in a king of xenomorph, she was dreaming to alien 3 and still continue to be a test of the Weyland. And the Ripley to alien 2, was alive and in space during long years sleeping. She was found a put in a station in a kind of planet.
    The things is to found:
    1 – Where is she, after she was found lots of years after in the space, sleeping. In a planet, in a station ?
    2 – Why the clone is she dreaming to Alien 3 ? Because they found Ripley during her sleep with a xenomorph in the spaceship ? Or because they found the planet of the SPACEJOCKEY not those shit of engineer who’s looks to nothing, by the weyland ?
    So much thing to explore, but i could be interesting.
    After that. I wope up…

    My imagination is horrible and never stop … :(

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