What’s Been Revealed about Mission: Impossible 5 Up until Now

Tom Cruise has been hard at work on the newest installment in his “Mission: Impossible” series, and so far, we have every reason to believe that the new film is going to be a blast. We’ve been hearing various reports and rumors from the set, and the crew was spotted around the world on several occasions, shooting scenes for the upcoming film. And every time, the hype grew stronger as people realized that this film will likely push all boundaries to their limits, as far as Tom Cruise’s love for action goes.

There has been some speculation surrounding the production of the film, stating that Tom Cruise will be relying a lot more on stuntsmen as he has lost his abilities to perform dangerous stunts on his own. However, the actor’s recent work seems to point in the exact opposite direction, and indeed, reports claim that he’ll be handling a lot of the dangerous scenes in the new “Mission: Impossible” on his own as best as he can.

And from all we’ve seen, there should definitely be numerous opportunities for him to show off his action skills in this movie, as the film is reportedly packed full of explosive action sequences and special effects.

The production has been going well so far, and there haven’t been any indications of delays. In fact, the situation reached a very strange point – the release date was moved forward by several months, something which rarely happens in the movie industry. The film was originally supposed to come on December 25, but then it was moved up to July 31, indicating that everything has been going according to plan so far.

According to the most prominent rumors, the speed-up was the result of post-production work, the need for which was apparently overestimated significantly in the initial planning. The film will likely be edited and completed much faster than originally anticipated, which would allow the studio to release it on the market at an earlier date.

Of course, just because it’s coming out earlier doesn’t mean the film will have an easier time on the market – it will still face plenty of competition, just from different films. “Self/Less” and “Southpaw” are all coming out at around the same time, so “Mission: Impossible 5” will definitely need to show fans something interesting in order to get their attention.

Mission Impossible 5

But from all we’ve seen so far, Tom Cruise has done everything in his power to ensure that this will be the case. Once the film hits the screen, we expect it to see the same kind of recognition the franchise as a whole is known for, and it might even overtake its predecessors by a large margin.

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  1. After Going Clear, I don’t know a single person who plans on seeing it and I’ll never watch one of his movies again. Until he speaks out against the abuse in Scientology I think a lot of people are done with him and he won’t be able to survive this PR crisis. I’m glad, his actions and silence are unforgivable.

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