Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Breakup Still a Rumor Until a Name is Dropped or Confirmed by Any of the Two, Say Critics!

Cruella De Vil was first created by English author Dodie Smith in 1956’s novel “The One Hundred and One Dalmatians.” The villainess is described as a pampered heiress who went to the same school as the heroine Mrs. Dearly and was expelled for drinking ink.

Going back to Emma and Andrew, after going through an on-again, off-again relationship since started dating in 2012, the couple may have thought that being low-key and away from the limelight is crucial to a lasting relationship.

That appears to be what they are doing now as amid rumors of their breakup late last year, neither one of them nor both have publicly come out to either confirm or deny those reports.

It seems that after their last breakup in March of last year and the rekindling of their romance in May, they have decided that they don’t need to be accountable to anybody or the public when it comes to their relationship or their private affairs, points out the Day Herald.

However, their silence has been taken by some in the media as a publicity stunt to promote Emma Stone’s upcoming movie with Ryan Gosling titled “La La Land.”

It would seem like one as the rumored split of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone was reportedly caused by Ryan Gosling, who happens to be living together with long-time partner Eva Mendes, and they even share a baby together.

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