Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Breakup Still a Rumor Until a Name is Dropped or Confirmed by Any of the Two, Say Critics!

The latest reports about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield indicate that the celebrity couple has just broken up anew and that “The Amazing Spider-Man” actor was spotted early last month in London having a date with a mystery girl.

Garfield was spotted on February 7 enjoying a fun and romantic evening with a new and anonymous woman while in London, which reportedly confirmed that he has moved on from his reported breakup with Emma Stone back in October last year.

Since their breakup, both Andrew and Emma have not spoken anything about it to the media or to any other entities, leaving the press to speculate on the possible cause of their split.

However, there were also reports that the two have not broken up but just let the media speculate about the status of their relationship because they have been subjected to a lot of nasty rumors in the past, with some even causing their momentary split.

Hiding behind the rumors

According to some sources, Emma and Andrew decided to keep mum about the status of their relationship so as not to draw heat and interest from the press the way their relationship has always done so in the past.

Since both Andrew and Emma have not spoken anything about their supposed breakup or that the mystery woman that was spotted with the 32-year-old actor in London still has not been named publicly, some critics believe that the split is just a rumor for now.

They believe that the couple is still hiding behind the rumors because, in reality, they are very much in love. Apparently, Andrew and Emma realized that if they believe everything they hear or read from various celebrity newspapers, their relationship might suffer. And if they decide to shield it from the media, it is possible that their relationship will continue to prosper and flourish, details Jobs & Hire.

Based on previous rumors, the split of the couple could just be a promotional stint for Emma’s new movie “La La Land” which will be hitting theaters soon.

According to one critic, it appears that the rumor is confirmed to be a promotional gimmick because it has no name attached to it. He believes that it is likely the work of the movie’s publicist who simply does not want to take responsibility for the statement.

Not a date but a friendly meeting

Garfield is now in London until the next few months as he works on his film project “Angels in America” and that would give him more than enough time to get to know his new friend better, assuming that she is something special to the actor.

But shippers of ‘Stonefield’ are still nurturing hopes that Andrew is not dating anybody serious at the moment and her supposed mystery date is just a good friend.

In fact, they still believe that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are still a couple, who have decided to go for a cooling off period as they focus on their respective careers.

While Andrew Garfield was spotted supposedly dating a mystery woman in London, Emma Stone was recently seen hitting the gym as she looks toned and fitter than ever.

emma stone and andrew garfield

Instead of focusing on the issues about Andrew, Emma decided to stay focused on her mind, body, and soul as she headed to a gym in Los Angeles on February 8.

A source close to the couple confirmed that Andrew and Emma have parted ways a few months ago and that they separated without any drama. However, the two still care about each other.

Meanwhile, Emma Stone is set to play the young Cruella De Vil in a “101 Dalmatians” spin-off movie. The film shall explore the story of the villainess.

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