Elder Scrolls 6 Will Be Released When Quality Is Just Right, Says Bethesda!

The latest release in the Elder Scrolls series was Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and that has been very popular among the multi-player online gamers around the world. The game was released in back in May of 2012 for the PC and Mac with a version of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 coming only a few months ago.

All of the games have been based on the RPG concept allowing gamers to travel through an open world map concept and completing tasks and killing enemies to gain experience points. Those points are then used to level your online character and in the last three installments there was another improvement added to player advancement.

Other than earning experience points for completing certain tasks, players can now build their character based on skills and level up those skills at the same time. This brings so many more options to the players where other games are more restricted resulting in players being more common between each other.

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  1. Masterpieces take years to paint. But once they’re finished, they captivate everyone in the room.

    People just need to learn to be a little more patient. I understand they love Bethesda’s games and would literally kill themselves to get the next Elder Scrolls right now, but each new game has to go beyond the expectations of the last, which costs Bethesda more time and money than the previous game.

    This time around its a bigger jump than Oblivion to Skyrim, because we’ve also crossed in to a new generation of consoles.

    They now have 4 – 8x the RAM/memory to play around with on PS4 and Xbox One, and more graphical and CPU horsepower to pack more of a punch. So for a game like Elder Scrolls, they have a huge amount more work to do than they did with Skyrim. :)

    Be patient!

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