Divergent: Allegiant Ending to Play by the Book; Fans Clamor for an Alternate Ending for Tris and Four!

While a real life romance between Woodley and James is out of the picture, the 30-year-old actor has recently revealed details about doing intimate scenes with his co-star. According to Realty Today, the “Golden Boy” actor’s very first intimate scene with Woodley was shot twice because it didn’t feel quite right the first time.

Theo says that he really wanted to practice the kissing scenes and that he and Woodley wanted their intimate scenes to fulfill what was needed to be fulfilled in the film and at the same time, they wanted Tris and Four’s love story to look real and not cheesy.

He also gushes that it was very refreshing to meet Shailene even though he admits that they felt very awkward at first. The “Underworld” actor went on to describe the relationship between their characters Tris and Four as something that’s very interesting as it is largely based on respect and not just swooning.

Last week, filming for “Divergent: Allegiant Part 1” has just wrapped up and Ansel Elgort, who plays Caleb Prior, just led the celebration by posting a shirtless photo of him on Instagram. Aside from Woodley, James, and Elgort, “Divergent: Allegiant Part 1” will see the return of Naomi Watts as Evelyn, Zoe Kravitz as Christina, and Miles Teller as Peter among other cast members when it hits theaters on March 18, 2016.

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