Divergent: Allegiant Ending to Play by the Book; Fans Clamor for an Alternate Ending for Tris and Four!

The final installment of the “Divergent” film franchise, titled “Divergent: Allegiant Part 2,” is slated to be released in March 2017, but the clamor for an alternate ending is already widespread. Although there were rumors surfacing that an alternate ending for the last film is underway, fans will be disappointed to know that the film will not deviate from the book’s original conclusion of the story. Shailene Woodley, who plays Tris, was the one who confirmed that the film would stick to the ending of the novel.

Veronica Roth, author of the “Divergent” trilogy opted for a unique and bittersweet ending for the heroine Tris Prior during the third book claiming that it was the best way she knew how the final moments of the story needed to be told. Readers of the book were disheartened with how it all went down for Tris and Four Tobias saying it didn’t align with their expectations.

Fans who disagreed with how the novel ended were hopeful that the film adaptation would somehow redeem their expectations, even going as far as starting Change.org campaigns, one for two different endings for the final film, and another to expunge the original ending and replace it with a new one that’s more mainstream.

Fans were also urging Roth to pen an alternate ending for Tris and Four to be weaved into the film, but the Chicago-based novelist was firm with her decision to stick with the original ending. Speaking to MTV News, Roth says that the ending was fitting for Tris’ journey throughout the three books.

According to Movie News Guide, Woodley herself supports Roth’s way of concluding her character’s story. The 23-year-old actress says that it was a proper ending to the struggles of the people belonging to the factions as it speaks a lot about reality.

Theo James, who plays Four, also agrees with how Roth decided to end the trilogy, saying that it is rare to see someone take selfless risks and still end up living. James adds that the denouncement in the book was very characteristic for Tris who is all about self-sacrifice.

Still set in dystopian Chicago, “Divergent: Allegiant” will follow the events after “Insurgent” when Tris and Four found out that the cube holds a video that revealed the truth about the faction system. It was revealed that Divergents were actually not a problem for the faction system but actually a solution. Evelyn, Four’s mother, was also seen killing Kate Winslet’s Jeanine.

“Divergent: Allegiant” will have a two-part film adaptation with the first part to hit theaters next year. The decision for the last book’s split has been cited by Roth as the last book involves some very essential parts to the whole story that needs to be highlighted.

Meanwhile, it is a known fact that the success of the film adaptation was heavily due to the undeniable chemistry of its stars James and Woodley. Ever since “Divergent” was released in 2014, the pair was constantly rumored to be dating.

theo james and shailene woodley

The two have always been quick to answer that they are not a couple especially with the fact that James has been in a long-term relationship with actress Ruth Kearney. Woodley on the other hand, has been linked with a lot of men mostly her co-stars but recently, she was also rumored to be dating Ellen Page.

Last year Page came out and admit that she is gay and Shailene has long expressed that she was open to having relationships with both sexes to see how it seems easy to link up with someone. Dating rumors between the two reportedly started when both actresses posed together for a photo during the MTV Movie Awards. Movie News Guide reports that Woodley has denied the rumor that she and the “Juno” star are dating.

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