‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Goes into Possible Scheduling Conflict with CBS as Next Episodes to Air Every Two Weeks!

After the 13th episode of Season 11 of the American police procedural drama TV series “Criminal Minds” was aired on January 27, where the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) had to stop the truck stop killings, it seems that the show encountered a scheduling conflict with CBS that its next four episodes would be aired two weeks apart.

Its episode 14 titled “Hostage” is set to be aired on February 10 while its 15th episode titled “A Badge with a Gun” will be aired on February 24.

But its episode 16, titled “Derek” will be aired one week after episode 15 on March 2 before the 17th episode titled “The Sandman” gets to be aired on March 17, another two weeks.

CBS has yet to release the air date schedules of the last four episodes of Season 11 of “Criminal Minds” but it is certainly leaving fans to wonder whether the TV series is now getting to be less of a priority in the network.

Whenever a network makes a TV series less of its priority, there is always the chance that it would be canceled for the next season.

But “Criminal Minds” has a very good following and is also doing very well in the ratings despite the absence this season of two of its main characters in A.J. Cook and Jennifer Love Hewitt as both gave birth in real life, so it is unlikely that the network is thinking of not renewing the show for a 12th season.

Hostage for years

The 13th episode of “Criminal Minds” titled “The Bond” saw the BAU investigating and solving the truck stop killings. But it also focused on an issue involving women who were held captive for years, notes Breathecast.

The BAU team got a lead on the case when an 18-year-old girl escaped from a suburban home where she was held hostage for years, along with two other women.

The team managed to uncover and apprehend the UnSub who abducted the women and discovered his reason for kidnapping and holding them hostage for a good number of years.

The next few episodes of “Criminal Minds” are expected to take viewers once again to a suspenseful and thrill-a-minute ride as they face off with different kinds of UnSubs.

Emotional head space

Incidentally, “Criminal Minds” showrunner Erica Messer revealed that the 16th episode of the TV show titled “Derek” will actually focus on one of the BAU agents Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore.

Messer said that there was a lot going on with Derek and that it can be noted during the past few episodes in Season 11. Derek has been taking up fans’ emotional head space especially during the mid-season.

The showrunner revealed that veteran actor Danny Glover is set to guest star as Morgan’s father as the agent needed to call on his old man and work through some things. The episode was written by Breen Frazier and directed by cast member Thomas Gibson.

Meanwhile, another cast member who seems to be enjoying being a fan favorite is Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler.

The character had his moment during episode 11 of the current season when he had that Reid-centric highlight playing mind games with Cat Adams, played by Aubrey Plaza, of The Dirty Dozen.

But during the conversation with the hitwoman, Dr. Reid mentioned that his mother is stricken with Alzheimer so it is possible that he could also develop the disease as it is considered hereditary, notes Youth Health Mag.

Dr. Reid’s mother is actually being played in “Criminal Minds” by Jane Lynch. Interestingly, one of the things mentioned by Dr. Reid to Cat Adams that in 20 years he many no longer remember her name, which had fans wondering if the BAU genius would indeed lose his great abilities in the distant future.

Criminal Minds Season 11

The midseason premiere of “Criminal Minds” is by far the very best episode of the season because it had excitement, tension, chess-like maneuvering, and twists littered throughout the story.

The story of episode 11 focused basically on a date with a murderer and it took place in a restaurant with Dr. Spencer Reid sharing a table with a Black Widow hit woman named Cat Adams.

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