Boom Beach Being Taken Over by New Villain Dr. T as Players Scramble Looking for Ways to Take Him Down!

Supercell are one of the more responsible developers on the market when it comes to keeping their games alive and well, and they have been very active in releasing new updates for both “Clash of Clans” as well as “Boom Beach”. However, a new patch for the latter game has been enjoying a lot more attention lately, to the point where it’s somewhat stealing the spotlight away from the other popular title by the developer. Players are having a lot of fun with the new “Boom Beach” content, even though some are apparently getting a bit frustrated by the level of difficulty that was introduced.

The developers have decided to not only introduce a brand new villain to the game – the mysterious Dr. T – but they are also actively using his persona and image in various real-life events, such as having him ”take over” an official Twitter account for the game.

The event has so far been received very well by the game’s community, with many players enjoying the new mechanics and the extra challenge in beating Dr. T. However, according to some, the developers may have outdone themselves a bit in terms of difficulty, as the new boss is reportedly very difficult to beat, even causing frustration in some players. Judging by the various discussions about the game following the new update, this includes even some long-time fans who should be more acquainted with the game’s mechanics at this point.

Supercell haven’t really been standing by idly during all thus, ad they have actually released some tips for players having trouble dealing with Dr. T, and players themselves have chimed in to give their own advice. It seems like the situation will resolve itself given enough time, as players just need to get accustomed to the new mechanics and use the right approach for the enemy.

Some are even claiming that this was a welcomed change for the game which has been getting a bit stale in terms of difficulty lately. According to those players, some extra challenge is never a bad thing when it comes to a title like that, even if it’s supposed to be primarily a casual game. It’s no secret that the intuitive mechanics of “Boom Beach” and its relatively high skill ceiling have made it attractive to players of all types, so it could never hurt Supercell to cater to the more determined fans from time to time.

It’s clearly obvious that they are doing a lot of things right in the development of their games, as players have been paying a lot of attention to both “Boom Beach” as well as “Clash of Clans”, and the titled are doing quite well in popularity and player numbers. According to some, a big factor in all this is Supercell’s approach to microtransactions and the way they handle the balance of their multiplayer, and it’s true that they have been trying to accommodate to everyone as much as possible in their development.

boom beach

The market around these titles is still fresh and young, and a lot more can happen over the next months/years to shift the attention of gamers in another direction. But for now, the Finnish studio has struck gold with their formula and they have a product with a lot of potential to stay successful for longer. Hopefully they will utilize that potential to its fullest and keep listening to their players for opinions and suggestions.

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