Boom Beach Being Taken Over by New Villain Dr. T as Players Scramble Looking for Ways to Take Him Down!

There are also rumors that Supercell might be planning yet another entry into the mobile strategy market. Some of their players seem happy about this idea, but others are rather worried about its potential implications.

So far, the studio has been handling the development of their two popular strategy games excellently, and there are no indications that one game is stepping on the other’s toes. If Supercell decided to bring out another product though, things could change.

The studio doesn’t have an unlimited capacity for their development work, and it’s entirely possible that having to split their work even more could start taking its toll. On the other hand, if the new game is also similar to “Boom Beach” and “Clash of Clans”, it’s questionable if it makes sense to even bring it out to the market.

Of course, this is just a rumor, and for all we know the studio’s plans could be the exact opposite – they may want to focus even more on their current games instead of releasing anything new. We will never know for sure unless Supercell themselves make a statement, which may not even come anytime soon. For now, their fans should just focus on what they have in front of them and enjoy the quality titles that the studio is actively supporting.

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