‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11 Episode 8 will Explore ‘The Dirty Dozen;’ JJ Finds Herself at Crossroads upon Return

The Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) has a lot on their plate on the upcoming episode of “Criminal Minds.” According to the Vine Report, the latest episode of the CBS crime drama will let the audience know more about the darknet group of hitmen known as ‘The Dirty Dozen.’

Based on the synopsis of episode 8 titled “Awake,” the BAU will hunt a serial killer in Phoenix, Arizona who tortures victims via sleep deprivation. Aside from this, Hotchner and Garcia, played by Thomas Gibson and Kirsten Vangsness, respectively, will become the next target of the hitmen.

The group apparently knows that the FBI is onto their moves already and they are doing their best not to get caught. Since Garcia knows their identities, this makes the whole BAU team’s lives in imminent danger.

In the previous episode, Garcia broke down to Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan after revealing that she knows who are the men behind the notorious group. But after Guiseppe Montolo, played by Robert Neary, was killed despite having men securing him in prison, the tech analyst feared for her life if she utters even a single name from the group.

As per Christian Post, there is still no concrete information about the identity of the hitmen and what they would do with Hotch and Garcia in the upcoming episode.

Elsewhere, AJ Cook’s JJ will be at odds balancing her job and being a mom. Last episode, the whole team threw a welcome back party for her.

The celebration was cut short though as Rossi’s daughter Joy Struthers, played by Amber Stevens, sought the help of the team to investigate the disappearance of a college student named Bahni Desai.

The synopsis suggests that although JJ is finally back on the team, she will be having a difficult time to set her priorities with her new baby and the developments with ‘The Dirty Dozen’ case.

CarterMatt suggests that JJ’s struggle will continue on in the next few episodes and eventually she will come to a decision about her life.

She along with Matthew Gray Gubbler’s Dr. Spencer Reid, Derek, Hotch, and Joe Mantegna’s David Rossi will be heading to Arizona to hunt an UnSub who victimizes people by depriving them of sleep.

The upcoming episode will create questions if UnSub is associated with ‘The Dirty Dozen.’ The episode was written by Kimberly Ann Harrison and directed by Christoph Schrewe.

Todd Lowe, William Langan, and Gloria Votsis will guest star in the episode as William Taylor, Lance Coleman, and Agent Debbie Webster, respectively. Sandy Bainum will also appear as Karen Coleman along with Leah Garland as Dr. Pat Lewis, and Lexy Kolker as Tatiana.

After the November 18 episode, the show won’t be returning with a brand new episode for November 25. Instead, episode 9, titled “Internal Affairs” will be airing on December 2.

The episode will see the NSA enlisting the help of BAU when one DEA agent got killed and the other one goes missing while both were working undercover. The team will investigate the possibility that it is the work of a cyber-drug ring.

Hotch also becomes hopeful that by working closely with NSA, he can conduct further and more in-depth investigations about ‘The Dirty Dozen.’

Spoilers suggest that the BAU will be focusing all their efforts on hunting ‘The Dirty Dozen’ this season especially now that the mysterious hitmen are being touted as the season’s new big bad.

Reports suggest that viewers can expect a bloody face-off when the faces of the squad will be unveiled. SpoilerTV suggests that producers and writers don’t want to keep fans of the show in a prolonged mystery.

Criminal Minds Season 11

Reports say that the names and faces of these four hitmen will be revealed in the next few episodes and the face-to-face encounter will probably happen during the mid-season finale.

Meanwhile, despite a slew of rich and exciting episodes this season, “Criminal Minds” is reportedly coming close to being axed.

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