‘Clash of Clans’ Developer to Streamline Mobile Game with Players-Recommended Updates and Improvements!

Finnish game developer Supercell has learned a major lesson when it released a huge update to the freemium mobile strategy game “Clash of Clans” in May only to be met with revulsion and floods of complaints from gamers.

The May release was considered a big disappointment to fans and gamers of “Clash of Clans” when it merely consisted of two additional levels – the Giant Level 8 and the Archer Tower Level 14, notes the Christian Today.

Supercell reportedly worked on the May updates for three months so the gamers felt shortchanged when it came out, with most of them claiming that they have been offered too little, too late.

On the part of the company, it wanted to streamline the games by adding two levels and also the “Friendly Challenges” mode in the May updates.

It also concentrated on players with Town Halls Level 11 and above, which means that gamers were not able to access the new goodies without reaching that particular stage. Surely, it disappointed gamers who are still between Level 1 and Level 10.

While players who own Town Halls 1 to 10 have been provided with new contents from the last update, they hardly got anything during the spring update, causing a massive uproar.

A savvy marketing move

Supercell is now doubling its efforts not only to satisfy the fans and gamers of “Clash of Clans” but also to cleanse its image from the fallout of the May updates.

In a unique and obviously very savvy marketing move, Supercell has decided to take inputs for its flagship mobile game directly from fans and gamers.

The Finnish game developer is now hosting surveys to enable fans to send their ideas, feedbacks, and opinions on what features or improvements are needed to make the game more satisfying to play than ever before.

Supercell has opened itself for suggestions from the public and these ideas or complaints are going to be addressed by the company’s tech guys for “Clash of Clans” at the back end in a slow but steady manner.

In fact, reports now have it that Supercell may take its next biggest feature and updates based on the game’s social media feedback inputs.

Thus far, fans have been clamoring for more achievements, arranged wars without the planning, along with a sleep mode for Clan Castles, details the Ecumenical News.

Possible updates

An August update is reportedly forthcoming and some of its features include crossover characters from the spinoff game “Clash Royale” as there have been speculations that the Miner and the Baby Dragon from the spinoff universe are expected to be part of the main title of the update.

The update shall reportedly bring a multiplayer mode wherein gamers can invite co-players to a challenge, both from inside their clans as well as from the outside.

Although it is still the most popular mobile video game in the world and is still in the list of the top five most downloaded mobile games on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, “Clash of Clans” is now facing serious competition from “Battle Champ” because it offers similar gameplay and strategy.

Clash of Clans

Some critics are even alluding to “Battle Champ” as the better version of “Clash of Clans” especially in light of its disappointing May updates.

Many people and gamers do not know it yet but the majority shares of the game development company Supercell is actually owned by Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank Group Corp.

Softbank bought a 51% stake in Supercell in 2013 for $1.53 billion. Last year, the Japanese telecommunications firm raised its stake on Supercell to 73% but it did not publicly disclose how much it paid for increasing its stake in the Finnish game development company.

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