Castle Season 8 Premieres with a Bang with the Sudden Disappearance of Kate But Rescued Rick from Danger Afterwards!

Contrary to the reported spoilers that Season 8 of the American crime drama TV series “Castle” will start off with some chummy moments among the officers of 12th Precinct for the assumption of Kate Beckett as the new Captain, the show went off to a fast start when it premiered on ABC on September 21.

The first episode of Season 8 of “Castle” was quite unique in the sense that it was told from the point of view of Rick, just like the way the episodes of the “Sex and the City” were told from the point of view of Sarah Jessica Parker playing the role of Carrie Bradshaw.

The first few minutes of the show began pleasantly enough highlighted by Rick presenting the newly appointed Captain Beckett with a bracelet.

Kate then went to a meeting with also-promoted Deputy Chief Gates even as Rick went to his office to learn that his daughter Alexis is solving cases for him as a private investigator. Alexis sort of became Q to Rick’s James Bond.

Then he got a casual call from RySpo who said that they seem unable to contact Beckett that Rick felt that something was wrong. His negative suspicion became more pronounced when the murder scene that the boys are working on at a theater reveals a pool of Beckett’s blood with her shiny new bracelet that he gave earlier, floating on it, details TV Line.

And from there, the tension and the excitement build up as it is obvious that Beckett has suddenly disappeared. Rick is a little more concerned because of the blood, worried that Kate may have been hurt real bad by her abductors or worse.

Got into the excitement

In the course of following up a lead with Hayley Shipton, Rick was captured by the female shooter A.J. whom they believed was a suspect to the abduction of Kate.

A.J. drugged Rick and she brought him to an undisclosed location through a van. He was bound to a chair and was eventually tortured by A.J.’s partner Brooks, with spiders in an attempt to pry from him what he knows about Kate’s activities.

It becomes clear that A.J. and her cohort do not know that Kate was already abducted. Eventually, Rick managed to escape and the chase ensues. A.J. and Brooks were about to put down Rick for good when shots were fired from the corner injuring A.J. and scaring off Brooks. It turns out that it was Kate who fired the shots.

It turns out that Kate was also investigating those groups that are after her head. Rick and the boys of 12th Precinct wanted to pry information from A.J. but she was firm not to tell anything at all, simply saying that their group is not the only one after Beckett. She eventually tried to escape but died in the process, killed by her own colleagues.

Kate, on the other hand, was on her way to an abandoned building, on her intention to discover which group is after her. Then a pair of SUVs loaded with well-armed villains pulled up to the curb and the answer will be known on September 28 for the part 2 of the two-episode premiere of Season 8 of “Castle.”

Childhood demons

Showrunners Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley revealed during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter following the Season 8 premiere on September 21 that childhood demons are running after Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic.

The two said that while Kate can most certainly run, she sure cannot hide from her past which is the drama of Season 8 opener of “Castle.”

Castle Season 7

As expected Rick Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, was celebrating his wife’s big promotion as Captain of the 12th Precinct when after the pleasantries, Kate went on missing.

The ensuing investigation of Rick and Hayley, played by Toks Olagundoye, lead them to incarcerated former Sen. William Bracken, played by Jack Coleman, who also had Kate’s mother killed.

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