Beauty and the Beast Season 4 to See Vincent and Cat Start Their Life as a Wedded Couple!

Season 3 of the American police procedural, sci-fi, suspense, and romance TV series “Beauty and the Beast” on The CW had its intense finale on September 10 highlighted by the wedding of protagonists Vincent Keller, played by Jay Ryan, and Catherine ‘Cat’ Chandler, played by Kristin Kreuk.

Because the Season 3 finale ended on a happy note with the dream wedding of the show’s main couple, some critics were theorizing that the producers may have thought that the TV series would not be renewed for Season 4 so they played it safe by not leaving any cliffhanger for the Season 3 finale.

However, even before the Season 3 of “Beauty and the Beast” premiered on The CW on June 11, the TV series was already renewed for Season 4. So it was the decision of the showrunners to give fans of the show a feel-good Season 3 finale.

While the wedding seems to be a perfect ending for the story of Vincent and Cat, but there is more to come especially now that they are married. It is likely that the Season 4 will see the two starting their life as a wedded couple, notes Yibada.

Just before their wedding, Vincent had to deal and put away his main nemesis Liam for good. And if there was one thing that was left hanging by the show, it is the fact that nobody is sure whether Liam is already dead or still alive.

Returning next summer

The 13-episode Season 3 of “Beauty and the Beast” had its full run in summer of this year beginning on June 11 until September 10 and it is likely that Season 4 will also have a June-to-September airing on The CW next year, which will give the show a 10- to 11-month hiatus, notes the International Business Times.

Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, pretty much confirmed the schedule of “Beauty and the Beast” Season 4 when he said during the Television Critics Association press tour in August that he wants the TV series to continue as the summer staple of the network.

He said that he likes “Beauty and the Beast” as a summer series because it gives The CW original programming. The network president also added that one of their goals in The CW is to have year-round programming and they are already doing more and more of such, which he plans to keep for the long-term.

In terms of plot details, it is still too early to speculate considering that Season 3 just wrapped up almost two weeks ago although it is likely that the couple will have new threats come Season 4.

If Liam is already dead, it is likely that a new big bad will emerge and he or she would likely be a bigger and better villain that Liam was.

More than 13 episodes for Season 4?

It can be recalled that Season 2 ended when both Cat and Vincent were invited by mysterious government agents who have helped save JT’s life. They were the same people who helped Vincent out of prison to run tests on him.

beauty and the beast

Apparently, they have been studying Vincent for some time and seeing how he works best with Cat around, they invited both of them to join the secret organization whose aim is to study humans and the science which can show and prove how Vincent metamorphoses into a supercharged beast.

Season 3 showed Vincent and Cat joining the secret organization to protect the personal secret of Vincent, but their joining came with plenty of challenges including Liam.

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  1. Just love, love, the show…Can’t wait to see what happens to the couple and JT, Tess and don’t forget baby sister…

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