Downton Abbey Season 6 Last Scene was a Sentimental One, Discloses Actor Jim Carter!

Mr. Carson, played by Jim Carter, is one of the fan-favorite characters of the British period drama TV series “Downton Abbey” whose sixth and final season has already aired on iTV on the United Kingdom on September 20. It will air on PBS in the US on January 3, 2016 yet.

Fans and viewers of the popular TV series were happy seeing that the official trailer of “Downton Abbey” Season 6 actually highlighted the secret romance of Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, notes TV Line.

Whatever doom and gloom that “Downton Abbey” has, it is often relieved by the light moments of humor courtesy of the elderly pair, who resemble awkward teenagers when trying to approach the subject of sex ahead of their wedding.

Mrs. Hughes is actually worried about consummating their marriage because she has waited all her life to finding her Mr. Right and she has enlisted the support of cook Mrs. Patmore to talk with her fiancé on her behalf, details the International Business Times of UK.

Watching the elderly couple experiencing how they fumble around the topic of intimacy is already the certified fan-favorite moments of the sixth and final season of “Downton Abbey.”

In a recent interview at the Primetime Emmy red carpet, actor Jim Carter talked about shooting the TV series’ final scene where he said that the last scene was shot with all the servants together and that it was a sentimental scene.

He added that at the end of the filming, he completely surprised even himself by getting tearful about the whole thing.

A scene stealer

Executive producer Gareth Neame disclosed that he had a cameo appearance in the final episode of the Season 6 of “Downton Abbey.”

He said that he was in the last scene of the show, claiming that he actually stole the scene. He said he played as a waiter and that he has stolen the scene because it was all about the waiter.

But neither Gareth Neame nor executive producer Julian Fellowes responded when asked who among the characters of “Downton Abbey” will die in Season 6 based on rumors.

Heightening fan excitement

Just before it premiered on iTV in the UK, producers of the show heightened fan excitement on the final season of the show when they released brand new photos from “Downton Abbey” Season 6.

A total of 13 still photos were released on September 10 which gave fans more reasons to be excited as well as a glimpse of the drama that will come on Season 6 of the popular and well-loved TV series. The teaser photos featured new faces, hunting, dancing, and plenty of anguished looks.

The American fans of the TV series also got excited with the still photos even though the show is still to hit the US in January next year.

During the Television Critics Association press tour held last month in Beverly Hills, California, Laura Carmichael, who plays the role of Lady Edith Crawley in “Downton Abbey” said that she and the rest of the cast felt strange saying goodbye to the castle.

downtown abbey

She added that for a split second, she and the rest of the cast members felt that it was no longer their home anymore. Not that it became their real home but it did feel like it was in the course of doing the TV series for six years.

Carmichael also disclosed that as soon as the director said cut on the last day of the filming, they all realized that it was just pretend and that it was an emotional moment for all of them because they did not want to leave at all.

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